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Being a Boomer I believe that it's time for someone younger to step up. The Republicans have their fossils as in mitch and Grassley and others. The dimms have gotten piglosi and Hoyer to give up leadership roles. Trump will be 80 in 2024, we rag on brandon for being an old fart. Trump will be a old fart too. I think for Trump to run would be hypocritical, old is old.
I agree......in part. But I've also got to be honest and add that Trump is still as sharp as a tack mentally. But at his age things can change fast. Trump isn't the typical 80 year old mentally, it's just his unfiltered mouth that might be making him un-electable when you factor in his age too.

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These are the " end times" alot of Christians who are not Roman Catholic believe....
Yet they do not know...that the "end times" already happened...So we must not give up.

We’ve gone over this numerous times. The Book of Revelation first Blesses anyone who reads it sincerely. It doesn’t say to read a book written by some organized religious leader. It says to read it yourself and God’s Will will be revealed to you personally. Then, as it reveals what Jesus tells John what must happen- there are Three Things that happen that disproves the above quote. I’ll paraphrase to keep it simple.

1: All the mountains crash.
2: All the islands sink.
3: Jesus returns and everyone recognizes Him and bends to His Reign.

None of those 3 things have happened in our past. They are yet to come.
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