TForce | 2016 Teamsters convention Proceedings are online

You can read transcripts of what was said, what was heard, and much of what happened during the first four days of the four and a half day 2016 Teamsters convention.

Those transcripts are called "Proceedings". Even with no sound, you can get a good understanding of what many of the Hoffa delegates did, to display their loyalty. Not to the 1,300,000 Teamster dues paying members, but to Hoffa. The number of times the text shows
(chorus of boos)
is probably in the hundreds. Absolutely sickening.

The boos weren't because a Teamster was saying negative things about the Union, but because they were not bowing to the almighty Wizard of the Marble Palace.

As I type this, these Proceedings are not posted on the IBT's convention page:

I wonder why.

Here's a 24 second example of what the Teamsters United delegates had to deal with:
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