ODFL | 2016 wage & benefit meeting

Muler is a die hard teamster. They don't come as hardcore bout their craft and Union. If we had more like him we wouldn't have so big of a mess to clean up.
I like that actually. What I don't like is being told I'm some kind of second class citizen because I choose to be non union. A difference of opinion is just that. In the end we should all be able to make our own choice as to where we support our families. I like the freedom of being able to voice my displeasure to whom I'm not pleased with. And on the same hand I like being able to go into my TM's office and shoot the ::shit:: if I like. Different strokes for different folks.
Muler's a solid guy you don't see him trolling anyone else's forum,and if you're going to debate him you better pack a lunch..

I don't know if we're talking about the same guy... The Muler I know resorts to name-calling and trying to misconstrue your words when he can't beat you in a debate...
If you have an issue with another member work it out in a PM or ignore him,please refrain from calling out someone by name,or speculation about his personal life.
Anyone have their meeting this morning?
Somebody actually made another thread to get back to the original purpose of this thread without all the garbage. Hopefully info will be posted in the new thread. I still keep looking at this one to see if anybody posted on this one yet.