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ABF | 2023 Contract Proposals

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What's interesting about this back and forth is RB talks about favoring management, while making statements that even a 2nd grader would know....such as a company must be profitable...we all know this RB...you talk about work rules and I will tell you they have changed since you last worked....as far as the hero comment, I would say respected friend as I believe SOR isn't a big sissy who waits until "his retirement papers are in" to correct someone in a safety meeting...
Apparently, Blade has no friends and only respects management. So, I doubt he will understand what you are saying. And the respected friend comment is mutual brother!!!


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Companies lose or make money because of resource management. Your hero SOR refuses to admit that. He doesn't believe that ABF has prospered while other companies failed because of excellent management.
Trucking has no product. They own nothing on the truck. The only controllable cost is labor. So, unfortunately, when management fails to properly manage resources, the only significant savings must come from labor. That requires a labor force that is cooperative and willing to compromise to save jobs. The easiest place to find cost savings is in work rules not wages. The companies that do more with less are the most profitable.
The service provided by the trucking company is the product, good or bad. Once they put freight on the truck they do own it, if lost or damaged they pay for it. And maybe when management fails they are walked out the door for improper performance.

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For a while at 003 we were getting double after 8. Now the local agreement is double on 6/7th punch.
Here at the Rock, we were getting double time for 6th/7th day. They just recently reverted back to 7th day only on the double time as we have been steadily hiring full time City/Dock. We have four more scheduled for the driving school in June.
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