Yellow | 2023 Phase 2 Utility Chops

It’s not what he is use to and he can’t handle change. Every other post from him is about this. He posts his complaints about pups, double stacked 102” wide non floor loaded…… as much as others post about 46mph trucks, lawn mowing and broken mirrors. Oh we cannot forget 15% comments either, yet slave still out posts all those others on his distain for pups.
You forgot popcorn, beets, big hats, Clarence, Iowa, and condensers.
I don’t know if I agree with you on pricing. In the area I pickup freight we are constantly being undercut by other carriers particularly XPO. As far as claims other carriers seem to be much worse at least what my customers tell me.
That's a great point. if you are being undercut by XPO how do they operate at an 85?
No debt? Better Network, more flexible work rules
Yellow does beg borrow or steal and it mostly from their employees they steal from. 3 years of a pay freeze, a dozen years of 15% pay cut. Instead of yearly raises you only get half of your raise for 6 months and then the other half is finally given so you can’t even have an entire raise for the year. Yellow has had its hand out and taken from the employees in order to survive since Zollars ruined it. All the companies yellow bought, they ultimately strip mined. They sell off the assets and then lease it back. The only well they continuously tap is its employees because that’s the only asset they really have left.

Did anyone vote to have their pay reduced by 15%?
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