25 yrs or more in one local.

32 years

is there anybody with 25 yrs or more in one local that is voteing no ? i have 33yrs in one new jersey local, started at yellow in 77, why whould i take a chance and vote no and maybe throw all them yrs out the window, if anybody with 25 yrs or more is voting no i ask you, WHY ?


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Not me. I have almost 25 with Yellow. I am going to say the same thing as I did on my job. I voted and I did not vote no. Live with that.

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Before I voted with 25+ years, I would have to call the pension to see what I could get right now. Not saying that YRC will fold but without any contros for 2 1/2 - 3 years whos to know what will be left in the pension fund. 30 + years I would be gone but I only have 20 @ 45 years old.


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I have 25 years in local 641 NJ . Our president told us the fund will be exhausted in 5 years and they will probably raise the age again to 65 . I am only 44 and i voted no ..I don't give a rats ass if they close. i lost it all already.. only working for a pay check now and 20 an hr jobs by me are not hard to find got one lined up already


I have worked in freight for 34 years with a total of 28 pension credits at local 340 Portland, Maine.
My vote will be yes. Hopefully we can keep this company going until better economic times arrive.
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