FedEx Freight | 3 people looking and nothing here

Thats good. I can just picture the "deer in the headlight" look that some people are giving the monitor right now.
no vBulletin™ is easier and faster than the script we were using before. vBulletin™ is what most message boards use and is the most user friendly. next to impossible to bring all the old stuff back to here so that's why the re-do / start over whatever you want to call it. Jeff still owns its the same deal just different format
If it makes it easier on jeff then I don't blame him. I've already asked if he could post the old stuff somewhere for us to reference to.
So why the new site? Was the old one getting full or did Jeff sell it off to someone else?

who in the hell would buy a site like this?
jeff I would buy it from if it was for sell and I had the capital to do it. My wife wouldn't like it but technology is my thing.
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