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A.DUIE PYLE A. Duie Pyle Reinhardt Food Service Account

Discussion in 'A. Duie Pyle' started by MikeJ, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. MikeJ

    MikeJ Well-Known Member

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    What's up with you guys pulling trailers for Reinhardt Food Service?
    Saw 3 A. Duie Pyle trucks pulling Reinhardt Food Service trailers 48' trailers from Ohio to Pennsylvania on I-80 Ohio turnpike today. Is Reinhardt so hard up they had to outsource there shuttle drivers? These were not new trailers, and they weren't to old to be, going out of service either and Reinhardt isn't exactly know for there sparkling truck fleet there trucks are always kind of dirty and junky looking to me.

    I know Reinhardt has some real bottom of the barrel food service accounts and I know Reinhardt closed there warehouse in Walton Hills, Ohio not far from the terminal you guys call "The Street" in Streetsboro, Ohio because beat Reinhardt so hard up on price that Reinhardt in order to keep the account had to close the warehouse and move the accounts stuff back into there warehouse in Pittsburgh and turn Cleveland area into just a drop yard.

    Are you guys just shuttling trailers for Reinhardt or are you guys actually running food service routes for them? I know Reinhardt is always strapped for drivers and pays out huge like $5-6K sign on bonuses. I don't actually think all the Reinhardt accounts are hard to service, but for some reason Reinhardt seems to struggle more then other companies when it comes to drivers and Reinhardt is fairly big, big enough to where they could be a national food service company in a few years.
  2. ltltrkr

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    It’s a Dedicated account just shuttling trailers for them to Pa and back.

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