A fatal crash on the Indiana toll RD.,was caused by a trucker not slowing for stopped traffic


UE, shuttle driver, @ closed Scranton terminal
They also need to find out where these drivers of Russian, and polish decent are buying their CDL's, and medical cards. See many of these people daily in the metro area I run in, always seem to be driving Volvos too, cannot converse with shippers because they are speaking to someone on the cell phone in their native language. The Chicago area is loaded with these type companies.


" I'm just a truck driver "
I just would like to know what these so called drivers are looking at ? Daylight 13:15, clear, dry weather, a DOT Truck warning of the back up. Was he in the sleeper making lunch or napping ?
We see this over and over, Triplex posted the exact same kind of scenario on I-84 W, NY, one dead as well.
Our Government caused this. De-regulation, CDL's, revamping the hrs. of service 2 times, E-logs. Nothing they have instituted has worked, because you can't find working solutions to things you don't know anything about. Stop asking Mother's Against Tired Truckers to write the Regs.