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Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by s pruitt, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. flybynite

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    Drive??? He rode the Hound, that makes it a 24 hour ride.
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  2. slavenomore

    slavenomore US Gov Hears Foreign Corps More Than Nonunions

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    This guy is getting it Jimmy.. This simple thing holds it all together.

    DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - A star evangelical preacher has shocked Protestants after preaching on the Real Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion and rejecting the exclusively symbolic interpretation of the Eucharist.

    "I didn't know that for the first 1,500 years of church history everyone saw it [the Eucharist] as the literal body and blood of Christ," Francis Chan, megachurch pastor announced to his congregation at Epiphany.

    "And it wasn't till 500 years ago someone popularized a thought that it's just a symbol and nothing more. I didn't know that!" Chan exclaimed in his homily.

    The pastor lamented the substitution of sermon for sacrament by Protestant reformers: "For the first time, someone put a pulpit in the front ... before that, it was always the body and blood of Christ that was central."

    I didn't know that for the first 1,500 years everyone saw Communion as the literal body and blood of Christ.Tweet
    Pointing to himself, Chan observed that for 1,500 years it was "never one guy and his pulpit at the center of the church" but "the body and blood of Christ."

    "I say that because the Church is more divided than at any time in history," he said, in his trademark jeans and checked shirt.

    "We are so used to growing up at a time when there are literally over 30,000 denominations," bewailed Chan, attributing Church unity in church history to the Eucharist:

    It wasn't a pulpit where a guy preached after studying in his office by himself for 20 hours. Right now, we've got guys like me ... we go into our room, study, other guys go into their room and study and we all started giving different messages; so many contradicting each other. ... there was something about taking communion out of the center and replacing it with a gifted speaker ... the 'Body' itself needs to be back at the center of the church.
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  3. s pruitt

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    Acquittal, gonna win in a landslide and still nobody happy.
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  4. slavenomore

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    I think the anger and division has been worked on for a long time.
    You can't do all of the stuff they have done to the labor part of this nation from the top and from the bottom for this many decades and not see from state capitals and DC the toll that it's taken. I think, unless there is serious change for the uneducated labor in the nation(and education is not the answer),and to get people back to religion......we are very lucky if it stays together for another 50-100 years.
    I think we've had some very sick and money hungry people running this show selfishly for decades.
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    They can automate much of the educated classes jobs at this point too.... Whats a paralegal or accountant going to do?

    Those Richard Craniums over at democrat headquarters never bring THAT up. Maybe they know its all a big sham?
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    Do you really care? Do you and your ( significant) other using biodegradable condoms?
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