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Mike432 We've put on 7 to 8 to date, but I'm told told they are looking for about 7 more. I suppose it all depends on business levels. Have you put in your app on-line yet? If not you better get moving. They are also hiring road. Good Luck.
mike432 have u got on yet. u had pmed me on the other thread u had. hope all is well
I was rold that I have to reapply in 3 months that I was turned down for the time being.
Thank you for checking.
Yes, it's a setback,and I'm dissapointed,but I was told that I could reapply,which of course is better than NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had some demons, and I believe that time will heal.
How about you?
ABF still has positions posted in the Chicago area. I called the BA at the Hall last week.When I last talked with him in June,He said that ABF was looking at MORE YRC people over anyone else.
Even though I drove another YELLOW truck(DHL)That's one of the demons.Another is that even though I've had my CDL since 1989,for the last 5 years, I was only driving TT maybe 100 miles a week.My package car,many more ,.
That, and I've had 4 jobs in less than 2 years..So maybe they're giving me time to be steady somewhere.
I've been on my current job 70 days.NON union,with no insurance!!!! But I'm working 11-12 hours a day!!!!
I'm counting the days till I can reapply, of coiurse knowing that things start to slow down soon, and maybe might not get hired till next year.
I have the driver sups email, and when I reapply I will let him know. He seems to be a decent person.
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