ABF | ABF proposes 15% wage cuts for union workers – will it pass a vote?

:bs::were giving work away again at 047, our vendor mechanics are hauling our relo cubes again with thier flatbed tow truck and we can already see summer vacations are coming so we know we'll be using our interline partner to do our deliveries and pick ups, with or without a pay cut....so were a big nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Don't worry about the big barns,we won't budge on this! They won't receive the welcome that they think that they will. There are all kinds of propaganda floating in different areas stating that other terminals are for this.The main thing is not to believe them. From what I heard from drivers at different terminals and on these sites is that no barns are for this.Some drivers that came down here said that they heard we were for this but now they found out different.I think that they're hoping that we get pissed and think that it is a done deal and not even vote.That way,they win. They will not shove this ::shit:: down our throats! Who in their right mind would want to be LOCKED into a pay cut for 3 years!
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