ABF | ABF Teamsters this YRC teamster hopes you do it better than we did !


In Solidarity
I voted NO see where it got me...Let me say you are not gonna like how it will taste if ya fail turning this giveback down...Union negotiations 101 always turn down first giveback proposal...You have nothing to loose,get to see what ABF comes back with,let your union leaders know it is time to go to work...We pay about $600 a year in union dues..Now in our union we got union members and we got dues payers...During this process you will learn the difference from a union member and a dues payer...Union members who will vote No need to pay attention to the dues payers amoung us...When you go to the informational meetings at the union hall dues payers will be absent...Make a mental note go back to your barn get in their face cause they will be Yes votes in all this...The YRC teamsters vote count more teamsters did not vote than those who took time to send in a ballot...I still can not understand why teamsters don't vote...News Flash brothers and sisters you are the union not Hoffa/Tyson or those guys in dat union hall...So ABF union members how do you wake up the sleeping Giant? Who is sleepy giant the dues payers...Wake up the sleeping giant and this giveback proposal goes down...Then you union members force the company to deal with you and your leaders as TEAMSTERS...IN Solidarity
Yrc guy here.paycuts sux.escpecially when you know they will waste your money.and continue to be or play dumb on how to run an operation.all logic gets thrown aside.over night.
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