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And I want to add that I encourage you guys to vote the way you ought to and get what you deserve for pay. I'm just letting you know, TFI isn't afraid of the Teamsters and your vote will not scare them off. Panther is a competitor to TFI's TST Expedited Services, to say nothing of ABF competing with TForce and TST-CF Express. They're looking at how they can benefit from you, it's that simple.
Yeah he should be afraid there is a new sheriff in town. This isn't Canada, may be a big fish in little pond up there but he is coming to play with the big boys now. Just ask the HUGE DHL how that went when they came to town. Obrien is threatening UPS now don't think he even a little bit intimidated by TFI.LOL
Investors don't make money by buying over priced companies. Abf has a market capitalization of 2.5 billion. That is 3 times the price of the sale of ups freight. I doubt tfi is going to spend 2.5 billion on a company that is smaller that ups freight at 3 times the price.

Stranger things have happened!
Transforce really is like the modern day version of TNT. I'm sure you guys remember TNT Company.

TNT owned a bunch of companies in Canada and let them all use there own name kind of like Transforce does now. TNT was pretty successful up in Canada. However they had a much harder time in the United States and were not nearly as successful in the USA. I'm not saying Transforce is going to fail or anything like that, but I do agree with the big fish in small pond statement someone made. Funny thing is TST Overland is now part of the Transforce family of companies. Transforce is pretty big though, but there is some pretty big competition here in the US. TNT had a much harder time in the US then they did in Canada. In the US TNT owned a collection of regional LTL carriers and then eventually got sick of that and spun them off into their own entities.

It was kind of the same deal though, TNT couldn't get any bigger in Canada so they went to the US bought out at the time the best highest performing regional LTL companies that were available for them to buy and it just wasn't enough for TNT and they left town in the mid 1990s.

It's funny someone mentioned DHL, these big time European Carriers come to North America and they do okay in Canada, but they come to the US and get eaten alive like DHL did. TNT was the same thing, Australian company, expanded into Europe and did really good in Europe continental Europe that is England and Britain not so much TNT was not as big nor successful in Great Britain, but that aside they went to Canada because Canada in terms of size and scope is similar to Australia and did very well in Canada and said well lets go take on the Americans they went into America and struggled the entire time and then threw in the towel and dumped a lot of there holdings in the mid 1990s.

Not saying Transforce is TNT, but they have a few parallels. That's all I'm saying. Transforce to me is like the modern day version of Thomas Nationwide Transport.
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A side note about TNT they tried to or at least thought they could start a national truckload/LTL carrier all that stuff here in the US like they did so easily in Canada and found that they could not compete on that level even with there big name and deep pockets.

So they decided to do some logistics stuff you know trailer shuttles of parts from one warehouse to like an auto plant logistics stuff like that and bought out some high performance regional LTL companies here in the states before pulling out.

Most of what they did was regional LTL, logistics services and logistics to the automotive industry.
TFI is throwing more money at new equipment for TForce than any other company they own, so I can assure you that the equipment is not "getting worse" by any means. As for the misery brigade, the people that aren't happy at TForce weren't happy when it was UPS Freight either. There are a fair number of wet blankets over there complaining like the contract should have changed with the buyout. TFI hasn't even had their turn at the table yet and everyone seems convinced that they're going to get got. As someone who has been affiliated with TFI companies since 2018, I've been here to bear witness to the raises being given to drivers. I get one every year, and I'm an owner operator. Driver retention is important to TFI; they make fair offers to their union divisions, not lowball nonsense to agitate the rank and file.

TFI is not an American company. They're not going to act like one. This is not UPS, this is not Yellow. They have Teamsters in Canada that have been through 2, 3, even 4 division mergers. And the biggest gripe they usually have is that the seniority dovetail didn't work out in their favor.
Uhhh... i have to kinda disagree with you on this. No one i know ever thought the contract was going to change at any time until it's actually up. But, as with other countries, we are constantly underestimated... but i digress. I see knowledge in your words in most posts you make, and I, like others at the former UPS Freight, welcome TFI and Alain to eventually turn us around. But we are a little impatient... Its been a long time of downward spiraling that has us acting militant towards the next contract. Some are just plain tired of the ups and downs of acquisitions/Sale/ and possible mergers of the future. Constant change of operations, and whatever else i cant think of at the moment. They just plain dont care anymore. And i have to say, i dont blame them.

But THAT has nothing to do with TFI. They were just in the right place at the right time.
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