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    ROYALTON, Ohio -- A truck driver has been transported by helicopter after a crash on the Ohio Turnpike involving two commercial trucks.

    The accident took place Tuesday afternoon in the eastbound lanes at mile marker 167.2, in North Royalton.

    NewsChannel5 reported that the cab of a freight truck rear-ended another tractor-trailer. The impact was so powerful that the front wheels of the freight truck are up against the rear wheels of the front truck, the cab crumpled between the two.

    The freight truck's driver was extricated from the cab and taken by helicopter to an area hospital. His injuries appear to be severe, but there is no official word on his condition.
    Traffic was backed up for about 4 miles to just east of Interstate 71 after the accident while crews cleared the scene. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and what led up to it.
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    I'm sorry don't know how to put the link to the story in .
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    one of the trucks involved was a Yellow truck.
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    Bad Week for Yellow in Ohio. I was Coming out of Cleveland on my home to St. louis last friday morning and a Yellow truck was involved in an accident on I-71 at the 158 mile marker in the construction zone. Apprenetly went off the road behind a guard rail and into a creek with a hazmat load. Cause a 10 mile back up and had the south bound lane closed for mast of the day while they tryed to bring thetruck back up. I didn't here what happened to the driver or what caused the accident. I figure he was either coming out of Cleveland or Buffalo, but I'm not sure.
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    lets all remember to keep safety on our minds. Watch out for the other guy, and remember the most important thing you have to do today is return safely to your family and friends.
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