AAA Cooper | Additional Terminals

That is good news but, it would be a lot of cost to open that many at the same time unless they are buying another carrier and getting equipment and personnel
Looks like AAA is in the process of opening an additional 12 or so additional terminals. My buddy retired from there a couple of years ago, we were having a few beers this weekend and he mentioned it.
13 terminals from Yellow- 2 in IN, IL, WI, OH. One in each- MI, MO, NC, NE, WA
From what I understand one of the terminals you guys got is Quincy, Illinois. I retired from Yellow Dec 31, 2016. Worked 40 1/2 years of which 33 were in that building. It is really a nice place. On the edge of Quincy. Deer, coyotes and occasional turkey on the yard. Quincy is only 40,000 people. I still live only 2.2 miles from there.
Just saw today on Muddy River News from Adams County Recorder of Deeds. AAA/Cooper paid $4,025,000 for the Yellow terminal in Quincy Illinois. I worked there when Yellow bought it in Hall's Motor Freight Bankruptcy for $80,000.