All nct drivers wake up !!!


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I didn't hear it straight from the horses mouth BUT from what I understand their seems to be a major issue with "clerks" and if the members do not agree with all concessions , YRCF/Regionals will close the doors on December 23rd, and file for bankruptcy.

I understand both Randy Cammack and Bob Pathenroth were present.

Wow !

Sorry men I will still be voting no. I am not investing $ 800 of my hard earned money to a failing pension fund and a BUSINESS yes the Teamsters are a business that is going under faster than the Titanic. I can't afford another pay cut through union dues & if you think we are going to get more by voting for the union please get that in writing because all I keep hearing is false promises and false guarantees let me see it in writing.
Thats you !!! i guess if YRC should go out NCT will be very busy !! So i would say you will need a Union !!! After that letter M O sent out , what a load of crap !! Six year not taking care of the families you drivers have .. Hoovers report !!! what Lies you have told !! That's right people if YRC goes out beware !! More hours for less money ... And thats the truth !!
Sorry that is 800 a year in union dues and another 300 to join few cause a boat load of us is not sign cards !! Sorry boys that's another pay cut.
If the TEAMSTERS can get me more for my family fine. Give it to me in writing today I not you would be a FOOL to vote yes just a fool ! Get it in writing ! You know the truth they CANT !! Stop spreading lies and ask for it in writing !
once again, comparing apples to oranges. What does the YRC situation have to do with New Century? They are 2 different situations. Maybe YRC doesn't have the money but it WAS CORPORATE MISMANAGEMENT not union greed. You need to seriously get a grip on the facts. Your only concern should be the well being of yourself and what YOU THINK YOU ARE WORTH
to your employer. If you feel that your getting paid your worth from New Century and can dole out out of pocket healthcare premiums which will probably increase due to Obamacare, along with working 60-70 hours a week for straight time then God bless you. But if you have any respect for yourself and are tired of not getting ahead and plan for your future and that of your families then the obvious choice is to have some representation.
Yrc/conway/fed ex/nemf.......ect..ect.ect.......what do all these companies have in common----yep ,there seperate companies....i expect more and more of these type of b.s threads and propoganda----oh btw... I have a friend who says the opposite at i guess we'll wait and see...
No Mark it's apples to apples. One of the main reasons the Teamster are trying to get NCT and Ward & Fed ex ( good luck there) is simple math and economics. Let me explain so that a 3rd grader can understand.

26000 YRC union employees out if work paying 66.00 a month union dues = 1.7 million bucks a month that will be LOST to the Teamsters when the doors close. The Teamsters business will be bankrupt and forced to organize anything that moves to cover the retiree pension and other beni's so tell me Mark what are the teamsters offering the NCT drivers in writing ?? I will tell you NOTHING NADA ZIP ZERO !

So I will sign off with this little math problem. What is 1.7 million dollars x 12 months = ???
You do the math genius !
I can tell you this, you WILL NOT get anything less than what you have now. Worse case scenario you will stay at the same rate of pay. The Teamsters will not negotiate on your behalf for a lesser standard of living. Their sole purpose is to better the conditions you have now. As it stands, YOU AS A MEMBER OF THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS HAVE THE FINAL SAY. Right now you have nothing, not a leg to stand on, they do want they want,as they want and you have to take it! Even if you think it's a long shot to vote the union in, at least you tried, and not let the COMPANY DICTATE WHAT THEY THINK YOU'RE WORTH! And if, through all the negotiations you still feel as a member you didn't benefit from the union, YOU have the right to disband as a group and vote the union out after the fact. HISTORY AND FACTS will tell you that scenario has never happened. New Century has been playing with your lives since Jeffries has been control. How much more sacrifice are you willing to take to satisfy their investors!

So Mark if I sign up an vote yea I have the privilege of forking over 66.45 a month to remain at my same pay rate? WOWSER what a deal !! Let call the media and give them a heads up on that one. What else can you promise me but you see I am a virgin so I will need it in writing. Oh wait a sec you teamsters don't put your lies on paper so I am sorry.

Lets make this simple for all my fellow NCT drivers !!


And then watch their reaction,,,,,,,,,,,;;::::;;;;;,,,;;,,;:,
And then ask them why they can't !

And Mark you don't have a dog in this race so basically we all think your a liar.
Darsky, what is NCTY promising you ? you get to work and have a job--and you know what you better be grateful you have one or else--oh, btw--quit asking for fair compensation, overtime, raises, affordable healthcare. promises you ask ? how about fair representation for the hard workers--yea, we are big tuff guys and can stand up for exackly how is that working out so far ? how about a voice ? thats it...someone thats going to listen----god gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.
A fairs days work for a fairs day pay is all I can ask !

So can you get me all if this listed above? If so can you get it in writing for me ?

If you can get it in writing that I will get free beni's a free pension overtime and last but not least a raise if you can get that for me in writing you have my vote ,,,, see it's simple !
These non union idiots keep harping on the dues and initiation fee. If you signed the card they would've waived the fee. So much for common sense, it's YOUR FAULT you have to pay the fee. Let's do the math like a 3rd grader. ....Sign the card $0, not sign the card $300!!!!! Let's continue... guarantees..... New Century has NEVER guaranteed anything other than a job at their terms with a rate of pay inconsistent to say the least... NEW HIRES MAKING MUCH LESS THAN OTHERS WITH NO CHANCE OF REACHING TOP RATE..... union......ALL DRIVERS PRESENTLY EMPLOYED WILL MAKE EQUAL PAY...... Healthcare costs..... YOU NOW PAY WEEKLY FOR A BOTTOM LINE HEALTHCARE PROGRAM..... costly co-pays for doctor visits, emergency room visits etc,.......Union....better coverage WITH NO OUT OF POCKET WEEKLY EXPENSES........ minimum co-pays for doctor visits, ER, and even prescription plans....... is it worth it to take a chance on something better,which the union CAN OFFER or take a chance on New Century which has done nothing but take from you and your family. My 3rd grade math tells me roughly $800 a year for dues verses $7800 a year for healthcare that YOU NOW PAY, and let's not even factor in the overtime pay..... GROW A SET AND STAND UP FOR YOURSELF OR COWER TO MANAGEMENT WITH NO PROMISE OF EVER COMPENSATING YOU......
I already have a job and don't need protection and overtime ? Ok I can dig that but can you put it in writing that if I vote yes I will get it ?
they cant put anything in writing because its a load of BS darksky is 100% on the mark with that

union tactics of brainwashing people are not working, not now not in the last 30+ years, worked great for child labor a long time ago, but lets face it were not children not doing anything out of the ordinary.

this will pass and we can get back to where we were post recession when we all benefitted from a PROFITABLE...NON-UNION company
put it in writing, put it in writing---oh yea, i remmber NCTY put it in writing that everyone would be getting back the 5%... what happened instead, oh yea---they turned the whole company upside down.and gave themselves bonuses.
these people dont understand that if they dont put things in writing "its not true" one word against another. nothing legally bound, nothing actually offered, nothing anyone is RESPONSIBLE for...

plain and simple
I already have a job and don't need protection and overtime ? Ok I can dig that but can you put it in writing that if I vote yes I will get it ?

ok, ok so your a supervisor, management or a sales dummy then---of course salary people dont need overtime.....let the working man get his due and stop being a hog,
What I don't understand is if you think your are getting screwed working for NCTY why are you still working there, all I here is about is how your not getting a raise and then paying union due makes things better for you and your family, as I have before BRAINLESS!!!!!