All white fleet?

Discussion in 'MBM Foodservice' started by roger83, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Heard from a driver today that the rumor around the shop is all there trailers are going to be bare white with no markings and trucks will only say mbm on the door and thats it. He said they will probably say mclane in about a year as well. i have been noticing mclane trailers with no markings on them alot more.
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    The story we got was that since grocery is a huge distributor of cigarettes, they didn't want any would-be robbers/hijackers confusing us foodservice guys with the big money stuff. Now all of our new trailers are white, and the tractors just say 'Transco'. Funny, now I see 'Transco' grocery tractors.

    Personally, I think it's the huge amount of money being saved on vinyl graphics. The simple black lettering is applied by one of the admin assistants.

    Well, except for this one

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