Amazon Explores Super-Fast Drone Delivery

Road Dust

Mrs Ricky Ricardo
Okay driver, gear up!

Jeff Bezos wants the technology used to blast terrorists from above to drop Amazon packages on your doorstep.

The CEO of Amazon told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that drones could be used for speedy delivery within five years, The Associated Press reports. The ones the company is testing now, which Bezos calls “octocopters,” can deliver a package up to 10 miles away from the warehouse within half an hour of ordering. They receive GPS coordinates, a package, and then take off.
Amazon Explores Super-Fast Drone Delivery - Yahoo Finance
i wanna see one of 'em land any where in Chicagoland....

or even my "hood".....

open hunting season commences..!!!
Yes the word is out, Stoney is going to work delivering for Amazon!!! :hysterical:
it was kinda funny yesterday, on the "Ellen" show. i just happened to tune in at the right time, and she was talking about this.

she said something like, "i hope you got good hands when that thing drops your 72" tv from the sky"....(or words to that nature), and she was moving around, flailing her arms, looking up at the sky for that thing.....