Yellow | Annieo at her new job


TB Veteran
Uhmmm.....I'm making the big bucks now!!!!!!

(OMG, Wagglie, I thought that looked like you with the newspaper on yer lap!!)
That's not you with your head in the air telling the lead cow that it is going too fast???

NO...I'm the B/W one, Low seniority don't cha know, they stuck me in the back and MAN, THE FUMES WERE UNBEARABLE. I decided to Dance On The Poll for a little more upper body toning .......
I guess I know now where that song "shake your booty" came from! Gosh, how old are you, your boobies are hangin pretty low! They are boobies, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turbo, now I know you are not even a POS farmer. Not sure if he is seeing a boobie or not. Sorry I do not want to offend any farmers out there.