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So past 2 months now, I've been working on buying a house, well here it is today I closed on my house. I've lived at home forever since day 1 and now day the last is coming, I actually didn't mind living at home it's not so bad, but I've taken it as far as I could, the folks have had enough of me and it's just time to get a move on.

My house though is only a 5-10 minute drive from my parents house practically down the street, nice place too, in a fancy neighborhood, so that's cool. I got them to drop the price of the house $15,000 or actually maybe a little more during negotiation, because the sellers were to high.

My house doesn't have air conditioning, but it does have nice radiator heat and a new garage and driveway.

So it'll be fun living there, and I am kind of excited about living alone.


Good for you,Now comes the fun of being a homeowner. And it's nice that your parents aren't far away so you can check on them(don't know how old they are but it don't matter) Now your dad can get that "man cave" from your room and spend a lot less at the store for food (just kidding) . Anyways GOOD LUCK


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My folks are in there late 50's. I'm 28, so there still pretty young. My brother moved out maybe almost 2 years ago and here in a month or two I guess, I'll be fully gone as well, now all the fun begins!


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Congrats, hey just think of the man caving you could do if you were still schlepping beer.


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Neon Beer Sings and everything! The living room in the basement is pretty nice I've been working on collecting pictures.
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