POLITICS Antifa Accounts Threaten Armed Conflict With Conservatives, Doxxes Ice Agents And Their Families

Discussion in 'Washington D.C.' started by LewSir, May 9, 2019.

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    Antifa Accounts Threaten Armed Conflict with Conservatives, Doxxes ICE Agents AND THEIR FAMILIES — Approved by Twitter

    Twitter, Facebook and Google continue to work daily to eliminate conservative voices online.
    Last week Facebook and Instagram banned several conservatives including Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, the personal account of Alex Jones and others, categorizing some as “dangerous.”

    But far left accounts that threaten armed conflict and regularly dox conservatives and ICE officials are approved by these far left tech giants.

    Far Left Watch revealed Antifa accounts doxxing ICE officials AND THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS!
    Joseph1135, Roadboss, CCX, 20 years 2 to go, Magoo working to get it done on TB to
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    The bias in the social media giants is ridiculous. The fact that they usually only ban Conservatives is also ridiculous but there is no way to stop them. These tech giants need more competition, and it's coming. They are just more proof of how the Democrats and their cronies have taken a good piece of technology and ruined it.

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