ODFL | Any info on new Wildwood, FL terminal?

When we had the wage and hour meeting a month ago the VP giving the meeting said the contract for the land had just been signed. The land appraiser website for that county has yet to update showing the buy. Best guess right now 18 months for completion. are you familiar with wildwood area?
Good to know, yeah I’ve lived in Orlando a few years and work out of Denver now; looking to possibly work my way back to Florida. Word is they will be running LCV’s down south on the turnpike from that Wildwood terminal, hopefully they’ll have a decent selection of runs.
When this finally gets finished what are the odds for them hiring Linehaul off the street after all the internals transfer in? Would it be a breakbulk?
I did not see a sign for the contractor when I was there. will check it again in a couple weeks
OD uses the same contractor for all of their terminals sp I've been told. I live 10 minutes from the site I doubt they will have any info or signs posted. I fid heat they are only building 150 doors to start.