Any news leaking out from Dallas yet?

NP Pete

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havent heard a thing yet and Ive been searching all over the internet. Only good news is Zollars is gone.


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Maybe the Sergeant At Arms confiscated all cell phones, pda's, droids, etc so
no tweets could be leaked out of the meeting before 5pm central time?
Maybe KK could unleash his Maxwell Smart shoe phone to tip us off?
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Heard 25% paid into pension in June Laid off only guaranteed 4 hours no wage cuts still working on Road.

Jay C

the two yr extension on the 15% is probably the biggest item on the list..

all the way to 2015 and not a raise to be had​

not happy


Wide open at 85%
Devilfan is right....resume paying 25% into the pension satrting in June (another 6 month extention), no more wage cuts or benefit cuts, some work rules changes, layed off only a 4 hour guarantee....still working on some road issues....
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