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Anybody have the details of the proposed deal?


New Member
What is YRC planning to give back to employees? Any additional equity or just some restoration of a portion of wages/benefits and firing Zollars?

Jay C

Details of the agreement will be made available subject to the required approval by union leadership committees and the Company's board of directors, which are expected next week."
"This tentative agreement is an important step toward the completion of our comprehensive recovery plan," said Mike Smid, President-YRC and Chief Operations Officer of YRC Worldwide. "As our business continues to improve, the implementation of this tentative agreement will allow us to continue to provide our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of services that is competitive and reliable."

take it or leave it..if the teamsters put Obama in the white house anything can another disaster
We should know by Wednesday. Check the TDU website; usually some info leaks there. I'm sure there will be more concessions.

Jay C

I'll guess the pension will be paid in full

and the 15% pay cut will stay till 2015

it'll hurt

but you'll live


Well-Known Member
We should know by Wednesday. Check the TDU website; usually some info leaks there. I'm sure there will be more concessions.

I don't think it will be presented as concessions. I think they will be horse trading various things for our pension back. My issue with this is they already owe us the pension back. This means we will be giving up something to get back what they already owe us back. I didn't hear management give back the 5% they got back, so I am not inclined to give up the return of my benefit either.

Jay C

1. everybody hates Zollars and nobody trust the union leadership

2. you want to be the best paid in the industry with a pension
with a company that has a liquidity and debt issue

3. that's good if you can get it

4.even better if they'll agree to it


you won't feel a thing​