Central Transport | Anyone else having vacation / PTO discrepancies?


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18 Vitran employees in Detroit have been shorted either vacation or PTO pay. Anyone else having issues? A few years ago they "pro-rated" vacation time so everyone's "vacation anniversary" fell on January 1st. A bunch of us lost vacation pay that year. Now it appears that they are reverting back to your actual anniversary date to pay them out. Anyone have any idea if this is a "mistake"... or are we getting screwed yet again?
i already used everything up so something like this did'nt happen to me. everything they told us will be proven a lie over time.
Vitran went to your anniversary date a few years ago. Look in the handbook.

The handbook has always said "after so long you get so much" but a few years ago the pro rated everyone's vacation to make the amount of time you had had in as if you started on January 1st. That's why I (and a bunch of others) lost time that year. It's a payroll trick that's used to save money for a certain year, but it can only be used once....

The fact is, the Kronos was messed up because it actually showed the time was available to all these employees. They took the time, and now they are apparently not getting paid for it. I know that I had the time coming. I keep very close track of these things... ;-)
Hubby just burned his last personal day (Vitran). He trains at Central tomorrow (Mon 12/2). Has 3 vac days scheduled in December on the computer. Saying a prayer it's still there once assimilated into the Borg Central Collective!