Yellow | Anyone else use YRC to ship something??

No offense ESP, but we have trailers here that you could throw a cat through the hole in the floor......
That may be, but what he is seeing is maybe not the norm. I never drove for any of the YRC companies. I have been with some that had rotten equipment as you say a cat can be thrown thru about anywhere. Maybe this driver gets lucky with a decent trailer most days. I do believe that seeing YRC on the highway, it looks as things are slowly getting better. Maybe I am looking thru rose colored glasses. I would not want to trade places with anyone of you. I have been there and done that. Life is good here, because I married above my pay grade. It feels great to be taken care of and pampered.
I'm purchasing an item online and need it shipped to me. The company I'm buying it from uses fedex ground for there shipping. For what I hope are obvious reasons I want to use YRC. Just curious if anyone else has used the company before and how they felt afterwards?? It will only cost me an additional $30 to have it shipped with YRC
I shipped a box of dog s*** to our yom once. It arrived damaged. Imagine that...:bgroovy::bgroovy::bgroovy:
Hey Skinnytrucker, how did YRC do with your shipment? It's 2 weeks later. Surely they got around to making the pick up by now.
It'll be next month when I order it. Kinda expensive and I'm one of those weird people that likes to pay for things that I can afford not put it on credit. I will update this thread when it's all over with.
Check with the regional carrier that services the area you need for a price. I never have any luck with Fedex. They always send me a post card saying they can't find my address so I have to go to their hub and pickup my package.
You should send them a postcard back telling them that if the mail man can figure it out, so should they! Same thing happened to a friend of mine who shipped with DHL. I told him to make them eat the shipping fee for not finding his house after trying twice.
Our manager ordered a big LED sign from YRC for the drivers breakroom. Came in via FED EX freight with a do not ship YRC disclaimer. No kidding. Sad but it wasn't turned on its side falling through deck bars when it arrived.
How are the Jets looking this year, Rex? 6-10???
We in Buffalo only worry about the Jets being 0-2 against the Bills as they were last year.

With Brady out 4 games we hope to jump out to a big lead in the division.
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