Yellow | Anyone else use YRC to ship something??

Wasn't it YRC who had a resident stray cat at one location? If I remember, the cat wound up in an outbound trailer and arrived somewhere else in the country. I'm pretty sure it was YRC.[/QUOT[/QUOT]About 20 years a
A bout 20 years ago I had a customers cat sneak into my trailer and I brought it back to the terminal .The dispatcher had me drive it back on overtime . I placed him his yard but he wanted to go back with me .Hell by the time I walked back to the tractor be beat back and jumped up on the fuel tank wanting to go for another ride . loL.
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I'm pleased and happy to say that my shipment showed up today. 48 hours to go from terminal 684 to terminal 230. Of course I had a lot of help along the way namely @Kennesaw Kid thank you for your help. I also put in a call to 309 to have it moved quickly thru there. It was damage free also. All in all I'm glad I decided to use teamsters to move my freight.
Was there ever any doubt Skinnytrucker? Even UPS trusts YRC Freight...


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