FedEx Freight | anything afoot at your barn?


TB Lurker
Here at CMH we just hired 10 road drivers and are hiring 3 more. 13 this month. 17 so far this year. Also they started thursday hanging citadels on the high end of the dock on the last 52 doors we are not using. We are picking up penske rental trucks today too. Something is up.
I don't know where CMH is but here in Erie they are gearing up also... several Holland drivers have gone through training for freight and National. I hope they use them all and not just let them set at home on call never using them. Holland closed the terminal last year here.... lot of drivers looking for work. :shift:
IND has put on around 10 road and plans to put on around 15 more by june. Not sure how many have been put on in the city. Did hear that the company has ordered more trucks and trailers.
We have hired a bunch in Jersey as well. We have also had some terminations due violations of attendance policy. The latest one to get shown the door did not have his times on the bills corresponding to what eden says. Think they are going to use the tool against the drivers not to "help" them.
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