Appreciate all that helped me test the system


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I selected non Premium users at random to help me test the credit system by adding 100 credits to their account then having them upgrade their account to Premium in the "Account Upgrades" section that is located just under the Truckingboards Banner on desktop and in the hamburger style menu top left on mobile . if you have credits in your account use them to purchase just like real money here, 100 credits = 1 Dollar Say you have 200 credits banked which are worth 2 dollars and you want a month premium which costs 5 dollars then simply click the credits then purchase tab to get your total credits up to 500 , that month will only cost you 3 dollars as opposed to 5
You earn credits here for participation or doing nothing at all except logging in. You get credits to post quality content once per day. I give bonuses when I spot quality content , Quality content means it has a nice descriptive title of what we are going to read, has a small paragraph and the link to the content in the post and is in the appropriate company forum. Company forums are our focus here, it's what TB's is about. Have fun and use the system. Any questions just PM me or send me a text 3/3/6/3/0/3/0/3/6/8
And I'll say thanks also TB Members , I was unable to help Jeff with this since our internet people are some dim bulbs . No names but if it were not for Jeff calming me down and telling to think about what is going on I would still be outside smashing some equipment .

Thank you TB Members !
SMOKESTACK - calmer today
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