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and now we have the "VOTE NO IF YOU"RE A TEAMSTER!" guys... which is odd, because usually teamsters agree with teamster mgmt on things, but by and large, they don't seem to (or at least the most vocal ones don't seem to).
What planet do you live on?
What you are saying is most of are sheep...without a brain.
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For every teamster on here saying "VOTE NO!" there are probably 5 or 10 behind the scenes, die-hard teamsters that trust the IBT w/o question...
Trust the teamsters??? does "CROOKS" ring any type of bell between your ears?......for years and years..ever read the back pages of the teamsters magazine??
Hopeless...some people are just hopeless.
Actually, Working man, I never said that (nor do I believe that) everything that comes from the IBT and or ABF is absolute fact. I do think statements like those from the IBT about an overwhelming number of Teamsters asking them to go into negotions are..... interesting to say the least. The difference is, those statements are not being posted on TB as undisputed fact. You, as well as many others, have been quite quick to dispute them, :chairshot: and in some cases, rightfully so. I am simply addressing issues that were posted as truth that at least from what I understand, were not true. Please don't assume that I believe everything that ANYONE says. What I do believe, and what I will not back down from, is that this is an important decision that needs to be based on the facts available and reasonable assumptions when necessary, and not on conspiricy theorys, rhetoric, or just outright falsehoods or lies. If you cannot agree with me on that point, then we have nothing further do discuss. :poke:
You are right on that josh...we do not have anything more to discuss.There's no such thing as a fact anymore. The way that things are written in agreements these days,there are multiple interpretations for the person reading it. And by always pointing it out to other people ,the way that you read it is always right and a fact!
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Actually, I'm a race-car driver that ABF is NOT sponsoring. But if you could work that out, that would be great! :shift:

Tyson could get that done for you.
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