FedEx Freight | April REBID ???


TB Lurker
Just wondering if anyone is hearing of a rebid within a week or so ? Our ccm has asked three city drivers if they would like to go to the road. We like a few other end of line centers have just completed a three day TEST RUN, HSG to HARRISONBURG VA to POS to HSG ! Total miles around 650 or so. Test run driver made it all three times. Our ccm denied the test runs but we seen it with our own eyes on the AM screen!!!Have even talked to the driver! Also why ask city drivers if they want a road bid? I hope it happens and I hope other centers are adding also!!!!!!!!
It's not uncommon to rebid at a center, we did recently after our #2 driver was let go. Also if adding people they can easily do a rebid, just not a company wide one.

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