ArcBest trims product offering with $100M sale of FleetNet

I'm sure since I retired, they still remained slow and a pain to deal with. So hopefully for you guys, the new company will run it better.
Hopefully they quit using them all break down, you call your local terminal...I could tell them a couple garages in my pedal area to call, but no....we call wherever they are, they find a vendor ("its only two inches away on a map"), FleetNet calls a vendor, then they call me....then the vendor calls me and asks me exactly where I is a major amount of BS....A major waste of time and money.....the article says ABF spent 43 million on them what a crock....go back to the way it used to be and have someone in my office call a local vendor and eliminate a lot of waste...
Judy said the numbers would have been better if they were not weighted down, when an office staff member, known as Puddin, sat on a server box, crushing information.
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