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Are they for real?

In light of the newly proposed “agreement” between YRCW and our union. I am writing this not only to recommend, but PLEAD with you. Don’t even consider this proposal. VOTE NO! This union has negotiated for themselves once again. You should certainly not be happy with the simple fact that they would bring something like this to us for a vote. This agreement clearly benefits nobody but the company and the union. They are asking you to give up the basic principles our union was founded on. Give back things that our fathers and generations of our “brothers” fought for. It is OUR turn!!! Yours and mine, all of us. Stand up for yourself, stand up for your rights. Do you really want to work 100 years for a 25 year pension? Are you really going to give back in wages than received in raises over roughly the last 10 years? Are you really going to vote yourself into a position to watch inflation put you farther behind, for 4 more years? I BEG YOU NOT TO, VOTE NO!!! You stand to gain nothing if it passes. The time has arrived for the MEMBERS to be heard. It is time for us to tell our officials, “Although you are willing to tuck your tail, and give away all of OUR benefits, WE ARE NOT! Don’t you “brothers” want to retire someday? Or are we looking to work ourselves into a pine box? If you do want to retire, you should consider your future brother too. Just like our brothers before us, who fought for what you have now. You should not only want to keep those rights, but preserve them for future Teamster brothers. Don’t be fooled by Tyson Johnson’s statements. Are you not tired of YOUR union bringing the threat of “closed doors” to you? I thought they were supposed to be bargaining for US. PLEASE!!! If they won’t we have to. Let your voice be heard. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! Don’t fold our union like a bunch of cowards. VOTE NO!!! Or blame yourselves for working into your 70’s or 80’s or later. Please keep in mind that I really only elaborated on 1 point here. Take a good look at what it is that they want you to give up (wages, vacation, and job assignments/categories)! EVERYTHING! I challenge you to find anything in this agreement that benefits YOU. Do any of you think that 25% of the benefits that we had are fair? Does anybody remember, “No more givebacks, this will make YRC a viable company, we need your help”, from a year and a half ago? Yet here we are again. DON’T BE A FOOL. VOTE NO!!! Don’t you think they will be back in 2015 with yet another web they weaved, asking for more from you? Or not wanting to contribute to your pension. Don’t you??? WE HAD BETTER STAND UP AND GET WHAT WE HAVE COMING, OR BLAME OURSELVES FOR THE CONSEQUENCES! VOTE NO!!! PLEASE!!! We will all benefit for it in the long run. Even if it is only to be able to say that we did not go to the poorhouse while the company and our union live the great life. You should pat yourself on the back for a job well done with a NO VOTE! Way to go. I think I have given you enough to think about, except for what you should vote, NO! Let me end this by saying that you can rest assured that you will not be the only one VOTING NO. I have faith in my brothers in Local 710 that we will vote this down. Look at the records, 3 chances for us to vote, at least. The results, majority NO. Way to go guys! This time you can all stand with us. I surely hope that you do.
If you ever want to see your family. You should vote no. Do the math and see how old you will be when you retire. And it isn't like we all don't have bills. We're you not making it before YRC came along. MAN UP! I know I will. Im sure with your yes vote the fat cats in the company and unoin will have no problems with their bills. Can you really afford to just give up what we have? I know I cant. Furthermore, I have been, myself, to 11 barns. From St. Louis to South Bend, IN., and many in between. Iam happy to say that the feeling on the streets are echoed differantly than on this site. The closest I came to a yes vote was out of McHenry.IL. A barn of maybe 20 drivers, or so. I would like to say thanks to all of you out there that have assured me through your own words that you will be voting NO!


Mark did you listen to the teleconference tonight? There is no plan B! Roadking is right there is nothing better out there we know 1st hand hubby was laid off for over 6 months.
Was ther a plan B when our brothers before us fought for what we have now. I beleive they called them picket lines, maybe you've heard of them?

Cab Lizzard

Well-Known Member
My family came first too. I saved and put money away so I could pay my bills and keep the lights on when we walked out at contract time. I stood so that U could enjoy the benefits of my labor. I worked for 4 carriers over the years,thank god they were UNION and the pension is what it is all about boys and girls.
You would be surprised what is out their if you look. Their are many jobs that have better benefits and better pay than what your are making right now. Why have so many people taken the LOA ? Not to sit home and drink cheap beer my friend. If your a Veteran ( Thank you ) their are even more doors to open as far as employment goes.

Good Luck To You All !!!!!!!


Stinks around here lately
Mark did you listen to the teleconference tonight? There is no plan B! Roadking is right there is nothing better out there we know 1st hand hubby was laid off for over 6 months.
You might want to rephrase that a little. My Hubby could'nt get on at a good company so please lower your standards for us.....Thank you
We should not lower our standards. We set the bar for others to follow. We will not lower our bar. I want to keep what I have. I am not interested in working in the trucking field til I am 73 years old with 49 years of service for a 25 year pension. None of you should want that either. Does nobody out there want plans after YRC? What happened to wanting to retire, are all of you going to work til your in a ine box? Don t you want to enjoy the fruits of your 25 to 35 years of labor? Off the subject, but do you all see what is going on in Europe? Raise the age of retirement from 60, up to 62. There are millions of protesters. And here we are. Proud Americans whos want to give up and work the rest of our lives.


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Hey Mark thomspon, you wanta pay my bills, especially when the economy gets worse? How much are you being paid to write all this? We know wall street crooks make a fortune with the fancy credit swaps they used to hope we died out, and conway and fedex woild love to see us kill a company weve worked at for a long long time. im not u for killing myself dfor your soapboxing-wont work when I have no job, pal. myabe you oughta worry about the zero pension we get if we go under? Id ratehr have 25 percent than ZERO.
My name is Mark Thopson. I work at YRC CHicago Heights IL. So I am getting paid nothing, just like you will be if this passes. And Teamguy, if the economy gets worse, it will continue to pass you buy. Did you not read what I have to say or are you only out here to promote a yes vote?


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maybe alot of us here dont have the money you do to sit out for a few years-and arent willing to vut off our nose and lose a company in the process. Thats what well be doj g with a no vote.Its stupid. prode isnt worth unemployment-try fidning a job and pissing away your pension. Big man now, idiot after company falls.
Please, I have my meetings at work to listen to the company side. If we are going lose to inflation, you shouldnt let this company live high off the hog(us). So please dont tell me how we are going to lose a company when I stand to lose more than they are. If they go down I do too. But at least I will be able to look myself in the mirror and know that I didnt throw away everything our brothers before us fought for. They were willing to picket, and you just want to give that all back. Way to go TEAMguy. You and I are not on the same team.


If you want to work for $12.00 per hour, and no pension, YOU quit, and leave this higher paying job for the rest of us. Don't bring the rest of us down with you.

You have posted this misrepresentation multiple times. You are a long ways from 12 dollars an hour. Stirring the pot?


How long you think you are going to work if this place closes. I'm no rookie I've been around a few picket lines. Got almost 30 in. But I also know how to think.
Sooo, roadking, what you are saying is that you were willing to fight for your benefits in the past, but now that you have your 30 in, screw the rest of us? Thanks for the help in the past, but if you were only going to throw it away, then why? Are we gonna tuck our tail between our legs as soon as we get our time?


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By the way thompson-you dont like it, QUIT!!!

Disappointed!! I thought we had MEN in the teamsters....... all these posts about having bills and voting Yes, and this is the best were going to get because zollers told us so, sounds like little school boys who cower when mommy turns off the lights at night!! Don't any of you have faith in yourselves? Put any value to your own worth?...... If you can't be a Man in this circumstance, What in Gods name would you do if something really bad ever happens?

This is Scary, This is life changing, no matter how you vote! But for Gods sake, stop cowering!! Vote what you feel, not what your afraid of!! if you think this is fair, then by all means, vote Yes! But if you feel its not fair, and we shouldn't have to give back and sacrifice everything we've worked for, then vote No!

How ever you vote, things will change! its your job to figure out what you think is the lesser of 2 evils, and vote that way!