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Arkansas Best Corp. Enters Red
If a research analyst's projections are correct, then the rest of Arkansas Best's quarters in 2010 may look like the first one - negative.

That's even taking into account possible wage concessions of 15 percent from its work force that Judy McReynolds, president and CEO of Fort Smith-based Arkansas Best Corp., said Friday would have saved the company about $75 million in 2009.

"The wage concessions are highly important to Arkansas Best and also ensuring the livelihood of their employees," said Jack Waldo, Stephens Inc. research analyst. "If that comes through, it'll set the foundation for them to return to profitability. We expect that to happen sometime in 2011. They have an outside shot, but our model doesn't have them in the black until then."
ABC enters red and the stock goes up 54 cents! Judy... you have to do something about that. The vote is coming up.
4th quarter we had a 140 million dollar in the bank,lost 21 million 1st quarter. 140-21= guess a negative if you use there math. Come on ABF don't insult your drivers and pass the stuff your smoking.
Hello I am a very respected trucking expert just ask JuatAWorkingMan. Here is my expert opinion on the ABF BEG BACK. It is a crime what both sides are trying to do to all the working people at ABF.And remember it only will affects ABF employees not the ABC BLOODSUCKERS. After pouring over mountians of SEC Filings, Company Reports and Proxy statements filed on behalf of ABF and ABC I have come to my EXPERT OPINION! A yes vote will end ABF as it is known. It is not only about a 15% give back. My! NO IT IS MUCH LARGER THAN THAT. My first clue that I had happened upon something much bigger than just a 15% BEG BACK was the fact it was 15 PAGES LONG! Now even us long winded Teamsters could ask for much more money in just one paragraph maybe even in one sentence. On the article about equal suffering. the Non union employees can subtract things like raises they may have never gotten, higher insurance cost, even a 50.00 reduction in the equal sacerfice if them or their spouse smokes. yes that is right if they smoke we the Teamsters are being asked to pay for it. Not bad if you are a idiot. After all that is one way to get rid of a boss you don't like pay is extra $50.00 a month insurance cost so he can buy more smokes and when he dies in 40 or 50 years you can tell everybody at your second job as a security guard on weekends you got even with him. No make no mistake this concession proposal is much more. After drinking several bottles of heartbun medication I arrived at the real reason for the IBT and ABF to join forces. It was in a little thing called APPENDIX I. Now here is the DEAL MAKER. By the very virtue of the title APPENDIX it speaks volumes. In this APPENDIX it states that if ABF or ABC BUYS or STARTS a non union subsidiary the Teamsters can call for a Vote to certify the said company and the whole process will be completed within SEVEN DAYS! And it goes on th o tell how the company can't interfer with the organizing of the said company. Yes that's right ABF AND ABC has agreed to stand by and allow the TEAMSTERS to have their new endever. Not Bad for a company needing our money. What part of a WAGE REDUCTION PROPOSAL would need this type of agreement? OH and by the way this APPENDIX has a couple other GOOD TEAMSTER KILLING POINTS! ONE the IBT will give ABF AND ABC a NO STRIKE AGREEMENT for the said APPENDIX. Yes that's right you little TEAMSTER LAMBS. You will be bound by a agreement between ABF & ABC and the IBT to not strike. And whose work do you think this new company will be getting? And guess whose 15% wage reduction would be paying for all this? CAN YOU SAY CF AND CCX now we all know how that turned out. But lets not forget our non union Brothers out there that thinks this is just a Teamster or ABF thing. It is not because this new company will tear you all a new BUTT. It will force your already GREEDY BACK STABBING CEO's to TAKE MUCH MORE FROM YOUR FAMILIES. SO in recapping here is my expert opinion. If you vote YES you will be voting yourself out of a job.Just ask the CF Teamsters. If you vote NO you will be giving yourself a fighting chance at keeping a job and your benifits. This is not an unfounded opinion just read the PROPOSAL and go to the SEC filings. ABF and ABC did not lose money they gave the bulk of it to themselves. But why is Tyson Johnson not putting the information out there? Maybe TYSON LIKES GREEN(ABF GREEN)
Welcome to the site Muler! It's great to see you here! I'll tell you all one thing,Muler really does know the trucking business inside and out.He is well respected by Teamsters nationwide and i'm sure that some of you on this site know him.In my opinion he's a great Teamster.I think that we can all benefit from his input because he will tell it like he sees it,withholding no punches, with facts to back up his statements. Welcome again Muler!
I'm glad someone is talking sense for once instead of NO NO NO.
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