ABF | at your meeting?


TB Lurker
We had one of our guys that should have been on their team! maybe he was.

"Whining...Guys...We need to trust our company"

"Whining...Guys..this is only short term" ( Who in the He11 ever said that??)

Needless to say the bigshots loved this guy.. :buttkisser:
(but he has always been under the table w/ the TM.)
so what should I have expected.
after the meeting he was standing amongst them just like a proud peacock.
If this wasn't so sad........it'd be funny.

Times have changed...

I guess I can't say " How many suck@@@'s at your meeting?"

Jeff......That's a bad word???...didn't even know that was a word.

if you are going to edit the title..how about fixing it to what ever you think is appropriate?
Rule # 1
1) Please keep foul language to a minimum, any excessive un-called for language will be removed and you will receive a final warning. Do not bypass language filters to skirt them, if we wanted that word here, we would not have blocked it in the first place.


didn't make much sense to me when you added all of those &^R(*^ either....
We let a word or two slide within the posts, we don't in the titles
Don't worry Last Ranger, we will still win this fight. We have always had the :buttkisser: , always had to keep fighting the company with grievances to make sure that they lived up to the contract and now,even with Tyson joining in with the company's views and working against our wishes, we will come out victorious because the solidarity of the rank and file at ABF. ABF was NO in 1988 and will still be a NO in 2010!
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