XPO | Bad accident Saturday morning R.I.P. driver







Good man we lost this was his last year before he retired prayers to his family
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What a horrible story. Looks like the FedEx driver only had one lane. Fallen tree. At night, in the rain. Could happen to any of us. It’s scary. Because it reminds you that the danger is real.
I always worry about this type of thing happening when you cross over into West Virginia on 35. A lot of truck traffic and no divided highway.

R.I.P. driver.

That used to be so much worse. The fog some mornings and the slow movers. It’ll be nice if they get the four lane finished.
Usually these things spread pretty fast. Seems a lot of people out this way, this is the first they have heard of it. A great deal of sympathy to the family. It’s disheartening to think you could give your whole life to your career. Literally.
The hit tv series ‘Deadliest Catch’ has nothing on our profession when you read and see what can potentially happen to anyone of us any time of day or nite when we’re working. These pics here are a real wake up call to me and should be to all of us to to do everything in our power to be as safe as we possibly can all the time. Prayers for his surviving family will be offered up from here. It’s way too aweful for our dsr colleage loosing his life being that close to getting out of this dangerous line of work. Wow...what a sad tradjedy!!!
R.I.P driver
Do we all see the problem here????? Why are we still driving 2002 Sterling's on LH. That damm truck was over 16yrs old. With the profits XPO makes this truck should have been parked last year if not sooner. To XPO safety is only important as long as it make financial sense. It is a proven fact that newer trucks are ALOT safer hell anything is safer then those sterling's.
A head on crash the one driving the 2017 truck goes to the hospital and the one driving the 2002 truck goes to the morgue
Very tragic and sad. We work a VERY dangerous job and sometimes we forget that . I urge everyone not to take life for granted. Live life to the fullest and love the people around you.
My heart and thoughts go out to the drivers family and friends.
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