Band of union losers out front today


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O man they are back today, standing around drinking coffee probably telling everyone how wonderful it is to be a part of their club,

No one is stopping get over yourselves
lol i dont route trucks, when i come back by want me to bring you girls a seat warmer out there?

its a bit cold
man you must really be old ever have a smartphone with an app>? guess not...

jerry is my dad? might want to check the birth certificate

you and the other teamsters posted outside need to get that story straight, i outlined my animosity toward unionization for your friend teamster forever but i guess that message didnt get out to the masses

the horses mouth is more like horsesh#&!
its like a traveling band of gypsies bringing by their little chairs and the fun truck,

dont get offended if im hitting the nail on the head, you disgruntled union lovers are all huddled up out there...

single finger salute when i come back
Once again…another NCT Lie! NCT management has been having anti union meetings
and as usual, they are not being honest with our families. NCT Management just
had multiple meetings with us and they said that the issues at YRC were due to
the Teamsters. Wow! very interesting…especially since the video that YRC’s
executive has posted stated the exact opposite. In fact, he said that is was due
to the previous management that caused YRC’s financial issues. Yes, Corporate
Greed…not the Teamsters! He said if it wasn’t for the employees, YRC would not
be here today! Wow…how did NCT get this all twisted up? Do they really have the
interests of our families, or will they continue to lie to us to pad their
As we all know, we will be casting our votes on December 10th. The “YES” vote on
this day will put a halt to the lies and disrespect that NCT continues to give
to our families. Please watch: CEO James Welch On the Need for Refinancing on Vimeo
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Drive&Drive you really haven't a clue. I guess when we vote in the union you'll become a road driver then HUH. Make sure #1#2#3 give you a new truck . You'll be able to drive west away from us Teamsters.
that sounds great...all pending you get what you keep clamoring for...we will see

since you are so well vested with the union do you know if the vote is tallied in one day or a longer process?