Benson drivers screwed again

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Drivers at Benson were offered great jobs and many false promises. We were told their would be 90 drivers in Benson and a great job. Many of us left homes, great barns and good senority for a change in our lifes. Living here was rough at first but we have blended in with the local people. Some of us purchased homes and brought our families got them in school and such. Now they did offer us all to go to Holbrook for a less paying position than we had. The company stripped us of our company senority and show us to all be hired 3/2010 instead of our original hire date. We asked for a current senority list to advise us of our current position on the board of Holbrook. This has not been done, instead the company is offering positions to El Paso drivers to come to Holbrook and keep their original company senority. This means that we could end up on the extra board. You may call this fair but it is not. Sooner or later the Fedex will do the same to Holbrook and Mountain Home Id. they cannot be trusted and the so called Purple Promise is worth the paper it is written on.:icon_dance: