Big Rig Slams into Santa Barbara Home Killing 3


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SANTA BARBARA -- A man, woman and a young child have been killed after a big-rig hauling gravel slammed into a home in Santa Barbara, completely destroying the building.

The truck was hauling two trailers full of gravel when it careened off State Route 154 and slammed into the house on State Street about 6:50 a.m. Tuesday.

The truck's brakes failed, according to a notation on a California Highway Patrol Web site.

About 90 minutes after the crash, authorities discovered the bodies of a man and a woman. A short time later, the body of the child was found............

Truck Crashes into Home: Family of 3 Killed When Gravel Truck Crashes into Santa Barbara Home - KTLA
Thanks for your post R-14Driver.
I hear a lot of unanswered questions in the video report.
Such as this driver owned the tractor and knew he was having braking issues.
Then why did he continue on his way?
Also how fast was he traveling to cover the distance from the highway to the house,as well as the hard impact killing the family inside?

We all know the law officers are probably asking the same questions as we are.
If the driver was knowingly driving with faulty brakes and/or speeding as well, his life is over with as he once knew it.

Between the civil lawsuits and the DA filing an unintentional murder or manslaughter case against him, the driver must be going through hell if he has a concience at all. I pray for everyone involved in such a tragic event like this.

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"If the driver was knowingly driving with faulty brakes and/or speeding as well, his life is over with as he once knew it."
Well said ..
I just say this on my morning news. This is just a sad sad story. Does anyone know how old the kid was?

Investigators say a father, mother and their 7-year-old son were killed. There were fears that a fourth family member may have also been a victim, but authorities determined that nobody else was home at the time.

Runaway truck crushes house, kills family |


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Gravel haulers like that, are the same way up here. They run the old trucks into the ground, run overweight and speed all the time.

Its surprising that this doesn't happen more often with guys like this creep on the road. I hope he gets everything he has coming to him, Jippo fly-by-night owner/operator that he was.