Blue Parrott xpressway 2 reviews

Grumpy O' Man

TB Veteran
To my fellow driver's out there.Been using the b 250 for 3 yrs now&ready to upgrade to the expressway2.I have read some neg review's&some good.I'm I wasting my money on this new model or should I just stick with xpressway "original"
Just my 2 cents worth but I still use the B250XT and it works great. 3 of my friends bought the expressway and each of them has had problems. BlueParrot made good on them but still the agravation level was there.
So whay I'm taking I should just buy new cushion's for the trusty old B-250 or go with the original Xpressway that is like the B 250?
Buy the cushion. I got three of the broken Xpressway sitting around here. But the one my wife has is fine but it doesn't get the use mine does. Go figure.

Anyone try the Blue Tiger headsets? Blue Tiger Bluetooth Headsets and Accessories
I bought one awhile back when I thought my BX-250 was going bad but turned out to be the phone. Thought I would just keep it because sooner or later...