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This is the "new"boards of directors jobs :
Messrs. Holliday, Trubeck and Davis will serve on the Audit/Ethics Committee with Mr. Holliday serving as Chairman. The Board has further determined that each of Messrs. Holliday, Trubeck and Davis is an "audit committee financial expert," as that term is defined under Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, and that each of them meets the financial sophistication requirement of the NASDAQ Stock Market rules.
Ms. Goulet and Messrs. Foster and Vogt will serve on the Compensation Committee with Ms. Goulet serving as Chairwoman.
Messrs. Lamar and Foster and Ms. Gordon will serve on the Governance Committee with Mr. Lamar serving as Chairman.
Messrs. Davis and Holliday, Ms. Gordon and Ms. Goulet will serve on the Finance Committee with Mr. Davis serving as the Chairman.
The Board also appointed Mr. Lamar to serve as Lead Independent Director of the Board to, among other things, enhance the effectiveness of the Board and act as a liaison between the Chairman of the Board and the independent directors.