Boerne,TX.,A semi hauling soft drinks Rolled & Split open,dumping most of the load


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I agree, seems to be a INCREASE in amount of T.T. Accidents/Wrecks/ with/without Fatalities.

Tractor Trailer Accidents/Wrecks are usually noticed more by Tractor Trailer Drivers.
Folks driving Cement Mixers, etc., are more aware of their type Accidents/Wrecks.

Same as driving a certain 4 wheeler, one tends to notice vehicles of like Make/Model/Color.
A Full Moon can be blamed for anything yet it's unlikely related.


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Like I have posted many times as I see an increase in commercial vehicle crashes.
Every crash has a cause.
Other than weather,mechanical,and medical,every other crash is driver error.
One,or more of the vehicles involved the drivers were distracted,or not focusing on their path of travel.

What do I base this opinion on?
Try 45 years as a city driver,the last almost 3 years as UPS safety trainer.
Then the fact I've been a moderator of this forum for a long time,and have posted the greatest majority of the crashes on here.

Although lately I see rowdy has been a very big help to me,as well as few others doing crash searches and keeping this forum in the forefront of driver awareness to the negative side of the trucking industry.

Thanks to one and all for your help.

I've been taking classes to get my G.E.D.
All the years as a steering wheel holder I needed no formal education.
Now that I'm retired I wanted to get a part time job,and every employer seems to require a minim of a GED.
But I'm getting this thread off topic...Bad Moderatator,bad bad bad,Ha,ha,ha,catch you later I gotta go to school.
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