XPO | Bonehead FOS, DSR, and DW


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The title says it all. I can't even think of what I would find it I went looking. A while back I ran into a YouTube channel called Bonehead truckers. With seeing were this company is heading I think we need a thread to point out our own bonehead goings on. We all know that someone from corporate checks in on here from time to time so lets show them what goes on when you don't stare at a computer screen.
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UN number written on by marker FOS and DSR fail
Looks like xpo will be in the same boat as abf. We had problems with hazmat at the scales, our score was so bad we stopped hauling certain classes of hazmat. Most of it was improper paperwork given to the drivers....


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All the same at FDX , even worse ...
Had a dockworker load organic peroxide haz on the very tail of my trailer , no straps , no load bar , then turn around and bash it in till the slob could get the door down . I opened it , all the bolts from the rollers and forklift damage caused , well let's say leaks . I REFUSED to touch it and took pictures . The TM just turns around and makes him a road driver . Seen all of the above and then some !
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