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I ran Binghamton NY years back. Most bridges marked 11' 9". You can get under everyone of them with a 12' 6". They were marked 1 foot lower for some reason.
Some might remember the BQE right off the Verrazano bridge once it it turns to an upper and lower roadway all the signs say 12 6 only. Every other 13 6 coming into the boroughs fit under every bridge. I think I heard a reason once for that but can't remember it.
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Brake Chamber mount broken. Or as OV-10 call it the brake thingy. Chamber hanging by airlines. It is suprising how many would miss this on pre/post inspection. Then again we all know its hard to bend over and look at the brakes

Easy to check when you are looking at the fifth wheel jaws around the kingpin. Just turn your head. For those that check the jaws that is.
Brake thingy.....WOW great words from a true professional.
You said in another thread "They attempt at every step to degrade this profession" It seems XPO doesn't have to try that hard when the so called veterans say things like that.
Do you even have a ounce of humor in you. Why is it you feel it’s necessary to take try to something that was said tongue and cheek into an opportunity to score some points ? Ease up my friend. Life is truly too short to turn everything into a competition. Your gonna give yourself a heart attack. I’m not your enemy .
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Wheel chock missing on left side trailer, possibly on the far right one too. LOI for everyone.
Unfortunately this is just a microcosm snap shot Of what goes on with the equipment. I See this a worse unfortunately all the time.
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