FedEx Freight | Bonus

I'm very curious to see if they do the bonus, given the current circumstances.
Given the last quarter's growth, it's all but guranteed that FxF will hit the numbers to bring the max bonus. So here's hoping for you guys
Bonus is part of our compensation package, used to offset previous short raises.

If we qualify, there MUST be a "no touch" policy on the bonus.

:smilie93c peelout:
:1036316054::1036316054: If I'm reading this correctly operating margin is 17.9% resulting in a operating ratio of close to 82..and by LTL standards the Fedex Freight segment hammered it again for a max payout. Correct me please if this is not correct
FedEx Freight Operating Margin was 17.9%. When averaged in with the previous quarters results that will result in a maximum bonus of 4.5%. Should pay out in late January, probably around the 20th of the month.
Thanks P H That is how I read it also.

Are these the right figures?
21.1% combined margin = MAXIMUM Payout 4.5%!

I especially like that set of numbers. They basically do the math for us.
*The 3 month period is what we just did. Worth looking at. But the 6 month period gives us the combined numbers. Remember previous quarter margin was 23.9%. So, it went down but still extraordinary. NO fancy calculators needed - Max payout - 4.5% of earnings from the 6 month period.
Coop Dispatch strongman, Big Dave gives all drivers a 20% bonus yearly no matter what the earnings report says. That Hat bastard treats us great.

It's to keep you guys from complaining about his hat budget. He even got a hat bonus after the government bail out of 2021.
What I expected. Hell, the #s would have to been a negative 10%+ to keep from the max bonus.

At any rate, Freight once again is the shining star. Ground looks meh, and Express is a total turd.