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Brandon Says There Is No Supply Chain Crisis


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Truck Drivers Protest Against Trucker Vaccine Rule at Canada-US Border​


A convoy of truck drivers took to the streets on Highway 75, Emerson, Manitoba near the U.S.-Canada border on Jan. 17 following the introduction of new COVID-19 vaccination requirements on truckers put in place by the Canadian and U.S. governments.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that a “large number of vehicles” were involved in the “demonstration” near the Emerson Port of Entry, affecting both northbound and southbound lanes. The RCMP was monitoring traffic flows onsite.

In a video shared on Twitter, protestors in the fleet can be seen flashing signs such as “Last year’s heros, this year’s zeros” and “My body, my choice” in the early morning of Jan. 17.

Drivers were circling the MB-75 “between Emerson Duty Free and the Commercial Inspection station blocking all lanes heading south to the United States and Northbound traffic coming from the USA,” driver Jamie Throp told local radio station CJOB in an interview.



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VIDEO: Canadian Truckers Against COVID Tyranny BLOCK HIGHWAY to and From United States – With “Mandate Freedom” Signs​



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production stopped because of unconstitutional vaccine mandates
yet tens of thousands of illegals stream across the border


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Empty Store Shelves, Shortages Expected to Worsen Nationwide

But while the primary IRI indexes were close to fully stocked, the specific items, from dairy to frozen foods, have been on the decline or remained stubbornly stagnant week-over-week. Baking products, refrigerated dough, and frozen baked goods have been some of the least stocked edible items in U.S. stores.

Others in the agricultural sector warn that produce, including asparagus and onions, is exceptionally scarce in the Midwest.

A recent National Grocer Association (NGA) survey found that more independent grocers, chain grocers, and wholesalers anticipate the cost of goods to rise over the next 18 months. They also say that it has been harder to keep up with demand for shelf-stable food items, fresh produce, and non-food items.

Market experts purport that grocery availability is not as bad as in the former Soviet Union or a developing country. But the numbers continue to be below pre-pandemic levels. At the same time, businesses and even government agencies are warning about this development.

Before the recent snowstorm that blanketed the eastern United States, the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (DC HSEMA) issued a tweet regarding “empty shelves.”

“If you’re hitting the grocery store to prepare for winter weather, please just buy what you need, and leave some for others! You may have noticed empty shelves in some stores due to national supply chain issues, but there is no need to buy more than you normally would,” the agency tweeted.



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DC Asks Shoppers to Start Rationing Food: Is This Just the Beginning

banned particular Canadian truckers from coming across the border.

Say goodbye to your maple syrup.

And lo and behold, after massive inflation games, after tampering with the free market, after the deliberate creation of supply chain issues, now we have Washington DC running short on food. What’s the solution to these food shortages?

what DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management is now asking residents to do, as they face a problem with keeping their grocery store shelves stocked. Self-imposed rationing is the solution.

You have to love the notion that “there is no need to buy more than you normally would.” There’s just a nationwide supply chain issue, right? It surely won’t make it so that you won’t be able to buy what you need? And is there not a taint of “the government will take care of you here” as well? Aren’t these the same people who are deliberately causing these problems?

This is becoming all too common.

Bare grocery stores are becoming more and more common throughout America at the moment. Keep tabs on your own supermarket. What have you seen over the past few months? What have you found is difficult to find at the moment? There are very few who could likely say their grocery store shelves remain the same as always.



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Shrinkflation reduces size of popular consumer products
As inflation reaches a 39-year high and pushes businesses to grapple with higher operating costs, the practice is becoming more commonplace

More companies are looking to avoid raising prices to scare off consumers, so they are instead turning to "shrinkflation" — giving consumers less product for the same price or more


As inflation reaches a 39-year high and pushes businesses to grapple with higher operating costs, the practice is becoming more commonplace, according to Edgar Dworsky from Consumer World, a consumer services site

You can go gaga over the Vermont Maple Syrup when in season.

However the Mississippi Syrup is a good alternative here in the south.

Bread Products are usually difficult to supply. I suppose we can n-rig a oven and learn how to bake our own. But it's going to be difficult. I always hated hauling dough. Frozen Dough as it is. Max negative nothing on the reefer and several bosses playing Naggy Nanny babysitting our load all the way to customer.

What temp is it driver. Damn cold boss.


Come out and see. Maybe have a taste. If it sticks its cold.


And people wonder why I have had a life the way I did being so sassy. There is one happy bakery near Landover Maryland on side of a hilltop that bakes prior to sunrise all night every night. They handed us like two boxes of the stuff for Arizona. Fresh baked bread. We were due in Arizona in 48 hours straight through.

I tell you what, what a bread that was.


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Biden Supply Chain Big Lie Exposed

(1) Remember me asking why the Port of Los Angeles was not updating their December CARGO results?

Remember me asking about why this unusual delay?

(3) A few hours later, again today, the Port of Los Angeles finally released their December totals.

(4) You know why that matters?

Because imports are deductions to the GDP equation.

By holding back the Dec port data, the import number to the BEA equation couldn't be deducted. The GDP data is manipulated (inflated) by not deducting the value of the December imports.
(5) Wasn't there a recent visit to the port of LA by someone attached to the White House?

Someone with a vested interest in manipulating the economic data to fit a fraudulent effort they began in October???

(6) Whoops, @RonaldKlain @WHCOS ,

LOL, yeah some of us are really good at staying focused on your trickery.

(9) Instead, what they did was move the ships further offshore to hide what they were doing. To give the illusion of less congestion and increased effort.

They never put the ports on 24/7 operations. It was all a lie.


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dont worry Boy Blunder Mayor Pete is on the case

once we get equity in everything, you know equity in roads, bridges, etc...... then he will focus on this
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