FedEx Freight | Buy another company


TB Lurker
Hey it's been what 3-4 years since Watkins was bought and became Fedex so isn't it about time for them to buy someone else. That way they can be so busy doing that they won't micro manage our lives. What do you think???? Look at all the LTL companies , which one should it be???? Let's go small this time just a few million. We'll tell them nothing will change, chop them up, give half to freight and half to national. Sounds better and better, yes sir it does. Which one which one!!!!!!!! I think I drank to much KOOL-AID
Lets buy YRC. My app. no my phone says it's worth 333.6M as of close yesterday. Pocket change. It would be hard to shake up those guys anymore. You chose to drank too much KOOL-AID. I've read there boards, sounds as though they've been force fed yellow KOOL-AID. Only problem is it isn't KOOL-AID!!!!!
They should buy JB Hunt.
They could offer regional truckload, intermodal, dedicated contract services, plus LTL truckload consolidation.
In addition, they could use truckload to cut down on alot of empty miles in the LTL system...especially on the National side where transit times are slower.
Roadrunner would be another good one.
It could function like FedEx Ground on the parcel side.
They also could use a strong brokerage/3PL CH Robinson.
Whom ever it is, make sure they have a lot of equipment. We are still running out of trucks, trailers and gear every night. One night last week they were handing out numbers. We had 10 guys waiting. Bids were 3 hours late because of it.
Explain to me where all the equipment is. Did they take to much out of service? I understand how trailer count is fluid because of freight flowing into an area but with relays aren't the same number of trailers and dollies flowing out? My friend in ATL says they have a lot of trailers right now but they have been slow these past 2 weeks. The only reason there are dollies now is because you break you sets down when you come in the yard. You guys need to stop taking the stuff home!!!