FedEx Freight | cabin smoky mts NP area


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I need some help from my fellow TB members ... :thumbsup:

I'm looking for a cabin in the smoky mt N P area for a few days ...I have found a few, but we haven't made a choice yet

Has anyone stayed in this area? ... looking for private ...front porch with a view and a rocking chair.

A buddy of mine and I rented one from this outfit in Gatlinburg, TN back in 2006.
It was really nice, had a pool table downstiars and a hot tub out on the front porch.
I'll have to see if I can dig up a picture or two and try to forward them to you.
The wife and I stayed in a cabin on valentine's weekend in Gatlinburg through sunsett cottages....Well worth it! Especially the hot tub WOOHOO :dance: