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TRUCKING Cable Tv Vs Streaming Tv

Discussion in 'The Drivers Lounge' started by crazy, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Just cut our cable internet bill by $60 .Still get basic tv and the internet and signed up for Hulu plus. Only reason we kept the basic tv was because it was cheaper than just the internet. Hulu plus offers all the channels that we previously watched and included the local sports which was important. Big Mets fan and I had to have SNY. Now I can watch anywhere . And with us using the camper I bring it along. Now that's one way of becoming a happy camper.. Television was costing us nearly $200 month and now have it down to around $135. But I still think it's too much. But in today's world we have to have the internet.
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    Best thing I ever did was pull the plug on cable TV. Got Amazon prime for movies. And really, I don't have that much time in it to be spending that kinda money. Absolutely ridiculous the prices. And I called them to discuss lowering my bill and they come at me saying I needed to sign up for more !!! Damn fools were trying to convince me to give them $30 a month for a land line phone service !!! I told them turn it off. I am done with you. Paying $70 a month for just internet from Spectrum now. And bought a $25 slingtv package. Gets me the espns and some other crap I don't use, and its all mobile. I can watch it from my desk in my office if the wife is watching some stupid :shit: in the other room. It's a pretty nice and set up... and not $300 a month.

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